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We offer over 500 direct routes in 160 countries.

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Bases on our direct interconnections, we can offer you high quality and great tarrifs, with results longer conversation time, customer satisfaction and mos important more revenue.

We have dedicated commercial team based on regions, Africa,Latin&Central America, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Australia&Pacific Islands, and we can customize your price list based on your customers structure. Feel free to contact us!

We have over 500 direct routes in 160 countries.

EUR rates

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Prefix Destination Rate
93 Afghanistan Fixed 0.2200 EUR
9370 Afghanistan Mobile AWCC 0.2200 EUR
9371 Afghanistan Mobile AWCC A 0.2200 EUR
9378 Afghanistan Mobile Etisalat 0.2200 EUR
9376 Afghanistan Mobile MTN 0.2200 EUR
9377 Afghanistan Mobile MTN A 0.2200 EUR
9372 Afghanistan Mobile Roshan 0.2200 EUR
9379 Afghanistan Mobile Roshan 0.2200 EUR
9374 Afghanistan Mobile Salaam 0.2200 EUR
9375 Afghanistan Mobile Salaam A 0.2200 EUR
355 Albania Fixed 0.1600 EUR
35568 Albania Mobile AMC 0.3400 EUR
35567 Albania Mobile Eagle 0.3400 EUR
35566 Albania Mobile Plus 0.3400 EUR
35569 Albania Mobile Vodafone 0.3400 EUR
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